Cooking can sometimes be a messy experience, and when you are using all types of pots and pans, it can also be an untidy one as well. Over the years, we have seen new products for the kitchen appear on the market, and some of the old pots and pans we’ve been using have been consigned to the cupboard, in place of items such as slow or pressure cookers.

However, there is now one piece of equipment that can replace even these. If you are looking for a slow, pressure and rice cooker all rolled into one, then you need to get your hands on an Instant Pot.

What is the Instant Pot?

Put simply, an Instant Pot is a number of different cooking pots combined into one handy and easy to use unit. At first glance you might think that it’s exactly the same as a pressure or rice cooker, and to be fair, you aren’t wrong. 

However, it is a lot more versatile and useful to have in your kitchen than any other type of cooking pot. It’s a programmable multi-cooker that is sure to take pride of place on your countertop. 

There are a number of different models available and not all of them will have the same functions, but most of the models will have basic programmable settings so that they can be used as a slow, pressure and rice cooker, as well as a steamer and yogurt maker.

The different types of Instant Pot

There are a number of different Instant Pots that you can find online or in stores. The sizes range from 3 to 8 quarts, with the 3 quart size being the best option for a small sized family of 2 or 3 people. 

Which model and size you pick up will depend on who you are regularly cooking for, and whether it will be something that you are going to use on a daily basis, or if it’s for occasions when you may have dinner guests.  

The difference between the various models available are the number of cooking programs that they have available. For more information about Instant Pots, it’s worth checking out the guide on The basic models usually have about 12 different programs, while some of the more deluxe versions have up to 16. Again, the model you choose will be based on your usage and needs.

Benefits of an Instant Pot

If you already have a rice steamer, pressure cooker and slow pot, you are probably wondering why you’d need to pick up an Instant Pot. After all, you can already cook everything you need to.

Well there are a number of benefits to using an Instant Pot over other types of cooker, and below we will take a brief look at them.

It’s fast

One of the great things about the Instant Pot is the speed in which it cooks. You can literally prepare and cook a meal in half the time it would take you with a regular cooker.

It’s multifunctional

With an Instant Pot, you can create all types of food. Whether you simply want to slow cook a Sunday roast, or are preparing to bake a cake, or merely poach a couple of eggs, the Instant Pot can take care of it all.

It’s very safe to use

The Instant Pot has a number of safety features built in that make it a very safe piece of equipment to use. Internal temperatures and pressure are self-regulated without you needing to keep checking or worry about anything. Simply enter the program you want to use and you are good to go.

Less washing up to do

When you are cooking with regular pots and pans, you will usually have to use a number of them all at the same time. At the end of the day when the cooking is finished, you’ll find yourself with a pile of washing up to get through. With an Instant Pot, it’s just one thing to wash, not multiple pots.

More space in the kitchen

Having just a single pot that can be used for multiple types of cooking means that you can have more space and less clutter in your kitchen. You can assign your rice steamer or pressure cooker to the cupboard, and only have your Instant Pot on your kitchen counter.

Lots of recipes to try

With an Instant Pot, you can be trying out new recipes each and every day in your kitchen. You will find a huge selection of great recipes online that you can try out, and introduce your family and friends to new tastes and flavors throughout the week.

There are recipes for meat dishes, for pasta, for legumes and everything in between. Whatever type of food you enjoy or the diet you follow, the Instant Pot is the perfect option for cooking it.