There are numerous perks associated with downsizing. In addition to lower property taxes and less space to care for, downsizing is often synonymous with starting a whole new chapter in one’s life. However, if you own a substantial number of professions, it may be necessary to seek outside storage solutions. Fortunately, finding the space to comfortably store excess belongings, furniture and vehicles doesn’t have to be an uphill battle – provided you know where to look. Soon-to-be downsizers in the market for convenient storage solutions should explore the following options. 

Rent a Storage Unit 

When it comes to storage solutions, few are more convenient than dedicated storage units. For a small monthly fee, you can store a wide assortment of items in a safe and meticulously-monitored location. Whether you’re looking for a short-term answer to your storage issues or hoping to keep certain items in storage for the foreseeable future, you can’t go wrong with a good storage unit

When shopping around for the right storage unit, look for facilities that offer renters easy access, reasonable rates and around-the-clock security. Anyone on the hunt for dependable storage units in San Diego can find a bevy of attractive options by hitting up their favorite search engine. 

Rent a Vehicle Locker 

Items placed in storage aren’t limited to old clothing, photo albums and other keepsakes. If you have a car, motorcycle or boat that your new garage lacks the space to accommodate, look into renting a vehicle locker. As the name suggests, vehicle lockers are essentially supersized storage units designed to house a variety of land and seafaring vehicles. In some cases, vehicle lockers can be found in the facilities as basic storage units, ensuring that you won’t have to go far to check on the various items you’ve placed in storage.    

Reach Out to Friends and Family Members 

If you’re not keen on the idea on monthly rental fees, consider reaching out to any friends or family members who have ample space to spare. For example, if you know someone with an empty basement, attic, garage or storage shed, there’s no harm in asking if you can use some of this space. Keep in mind that this particular storage solution is generally a better fit for people looking to store items temporarily than those in the market for something long-term. The longer you impose upon the kindness of friends and family members, the more annoyed they’re likely to become. As such, it’s a good idea to have a rough time-frame in mind when storing possessions in the homes of loved ones. Additionally, in the interest of expressing gratitude, consider paying anyone who allows you to store items on their property a small stipend, treating them to a nice meal or buying them a thoughtful gift.     

Part with Items You No Longer Need 

There’s a good chance you no longer have any use for a number of the items you’re looking to store. While many of us hang onto certain possessions out of a sense of sentimental value, we also hang onto an even larger number of items out of pure laziness. Taking the time to sort through your belongings is liable to reveal the presence of numerous possessions you neither need nor want. Depending on the general condition of such items, donating them to charity or selling them may be a viable course of action. 

If you lack the time or inclination to sort through your belongings, look into hiring professional organizers or appraisers. The latter can prove particularly helpful to people dealing with antiques and other potentially valuable items. Getting rid of items you no longer need and making money in the process is the ultimate win-win.   

Downsizing can feel downright liberating. While many people strive to live in large residences, too much space can often feel just as uncomfortable as too little. Still, depending on how much stuff you own, downsizing is liable to present a number of challenges, as certain items may not comfortably fit into your new abode. Luckily, there’s no shortage of outside storage solutions for people interested in downsizing. So, if you’ll soon be moving into a smaller residence, take care to consider the previously discussed options.