Bespoke mattresses are getting popular as more and more customers realize that they can do something to relieve their sleeping problems. In some instances, they also have customized beds, which cannot hold the standard size foams sold in the market today. For example, you need a custom-made foam for your boat, which has exact specifications.

The mattress industry remains robust, which is no surprise considering that, like food, sleep is a basic human need. According to estimates, by 2024, the global market share of mattresses would have reached 43 billion USD. The figure was almost double the value in 2017, which was 27 billion USD. The market has a projected compound annual growth rate of about 7 percent from 2018 to 2024.

But some people are still hesitant about buying a full-custom bed. For one, they are concerned about the price. 

Are custom made mattresses very expensive?

A common misconception among consumers is that custom mattresses are very prohibitive. Of course, if you are selecting the most luxurious materials, they will elevate the price. However, bespoke bedding customizes the thickness, firmness level, and dimensions of the foam. If you are using the same materials that you will use for the standard bed, the price will not rise as much.

Can I use the box springs again on the new custom mattress?

You may think that you are saving money if you use your old box springs. But this is not recommended. When the mattress ages, the components underneath also age. Your existing foundation may be sufficient enough to hold the new mattress, but you still need to thoroughly check it, preferably with the help of a professional. You need to replace everything to maximize the lifespan of your new custom made mattress.

Should I always go for a firm bed than a soft mattress?

The firmness level of the mattress should be tailored to suit the requirements of the customer. However, when you rate the firmness from medium and soft to plush, you are talking of the foam and the fiber itself. The firmness level depends on the spring system. Both the soft and medium-firm mattresses have the same spring unit, which means they offer the same support. The only difference is that the soft mattress feels softer. However, more people choose a medium-firm mattress.

How often should I replace my custom mattress?

The manufacturer can recommend the expected lifespan of your custom made mattress. However, the average bed has a lifespan of about seven years. Even if you do not let your kids perform jumping feats on the bed, the foam will absorb some of the sweat or dead skin cells that your body releases each night. Some people estimate that you lose at least one liter of water every night, especially if the room is warm, in the form of sweat.

Lastly, if you are not sure about what you want, you can consult with the experts. Simply tell them what you need from the mattress, particularly concerning the firmness level and the thickness. They would have the experience and expertise about a bespoke foam that will result in a good night’s sleep. In essence, what a customized mattress means is a mattress with which you can customize the comfort level every time you lie down.