Comedy has lost its rising star.

Teddy RayA comedian featured in the HBO series was. Sam Jay – Pause and the Comedy Central show How to Get Broke, has died just two weeks after his 32nd birthday.

CelebHomes News was confirmed by the Riverside County coroner. Theadore BrownOn August 12, at Rancho Mirage (Calif.), he died.

A police spokesperson told the Los Angeles Times that that morning of Aug. 12, deputies responded to a call about a death at a home in the desert town. According to the spokesperson, “The reason for death is not known.” According to the office of the coroner, this case is still under investigation.

CelebHomes News reached out to police for comments but has yet to hear back.

Comedy Central paid tribute to Teddy, who was from the city of Gardena, on Twitter on Aug. 12. The channel said that Teddy Ray “was a funny and loved performer.” He will be missed deeply by all of comedy’s community.