CelebHomes: The show also seems like a reflection of how society and social media have advanced faster than we can adjust to it. 

CR: We’re the patent period, right? Our role is the pilot program. As technological advances make it smaller and smaller, it feels like we are still passing the buck. This is a story that I recall very well from 2014. Also, I still remember the dial up tone. It’s probably even more relevant to young people. It’s becoming easier to connect with others online. It’s a good thing, I think. 

CelebHomes: Do you think the next generation will handle social media better because they’ve grown up with it?

CR: I think they already do. I’m 26, so when I look to younger people and how comfortable they are in their skin—because they actually see themselves quite a bit more. You video yourself. You take more photographs of yourself. This is something I find very beautiful. It took me much longer to do. They are able to see the root cause. Then they say “I can make myself feel better through this chaos.” This is why it’s so hopeful. Perhaps there is a way for us to coexist with this clutter and all the online space.

Honestly, promoting a project is the worst part for me because right now, I have to be posting more on Instagram to be like, “Hey, watch my show!” This is what I did just Plainville Girl so I have a very different relationship with social media all of a sudden. Every time I post, I’m like, “Oh God, what am I doing? “Why am I taking part?”