Colton HaynesHe is now telling his story. 

The actor quit MTV’s smash show. Teen WolfIn 2012, Colton was accused of causing a contractual stalemate between the network and Colton. In his memoir, however, he reveals that a contract negotiation stalemate was not the case. Miss Memory LaneColton claims it is not that easy. 

“The real truth was that they didn’t want to pay me the same amount as everyone else,” Colton writes, “which wasn’t a lot to begin with by Hollywood standards, even though my working quote—the fee I would be paid to appear on anyone else’s show—was higher than most of the cast’s.”

Colton leftTeen WolfAfter the second season. The actor acknowledged that his close friends didn’t help him in the end. 

It didn’t help, that I was represented in the meeting by people who were also involved with making it a success. Teen WolfColton says that production makes his life miserable. To get back at me and my team, they refused to pay me my normal salary.

CelebHomes News has reached out to MTV but the network has yet not replied.