Cleaning big houses can be challenging for new homeowners or folks who have spent a long time living in dorm rooms and studio apartments. But with practice, a proper cleaning schedule, and essential tools, you can eventually get better at it. Continue reading this article to learn how to clean a large home the better way.

10 Easy Cleaning Tips for Large Houses

1. Follow a Cleaning Plan

Cleaning a big home is different than a small one, so it is better to make a cleaning plan. You can clean your house in a routine. Start by dusting, vacuuming, and mopping one room and move to another room. It will make the cleaning process fast and efficient.

2. Keep the Cleaning Tools Ready

Searching and switching between cleaning tools can be time-consuming and make the cleaning process even tedious for large homes. So gather and keep all your cleaning tools in a bucket or trolley and switch according to your need.

3. Vacuum in Rows

For fast cleaning, do the vacuuming in rows to cover the entire length of the room. Move forward, cover a row, and come back to the second row. Continue the pattern until you are done vacuuming the room. Repeat the same with other rooms.

4. Get a Robot Vacuum

Manually vacuuming a large home can take a lot of time, so try to get a robot vacuum. It will make the cleaning process fast, efficient, and automated for you. Plus, when the robotic vacuum is cleaning your floors, you can declutter the room or start washing windows to make the good use of time. You can see a comparison of two popular brands here:

5. Use Magic Erasers

Magic erasers can be your great friend in cleaning stubborn stains in the kitchen and bathroom sink. They are also great for cleaning walls, microwave, and stovetop. You can get them easily from Amazon or nearby Walmart store.

6. Wipe Sinks with Mineral Oil

Fingerprints, watermarks, and toothpaste stains are common enemies of stainless sinks and take a lot of effort to go away. To save time and energy, pour mineral oil in a cloth and wipe off the kitchen and bathroom sinks. It will keep your sinks stainless and shining.

7. Remove Rust with Lemon Juice

Removing rust with a regular cleanser is very tiring and takes a lot of time to get the job done. It gets more tedious when you have a task of cleaning a large house. So follow this awesome DIY hack; pour lemon juice over the rust stains, let it rest for 10 minutes, and wash them with clean water.

8. Make Cleaning a Family Activity

Leverage the power of teamwork to clean your big house smartly. Instead of doing everything on your own, assign tasks to your family members and make cleaning a fun and rewarding activity. It will significantly cut off the cleaning time and leave home tidy!

9. Maintain Your Cleaning Tools

Unfortunately, cleaning is routine work and needs to be done every week. Most homeowners forget to clean and maintain their cleaning tools that can harm their efficiency. So clean them regularly for future use.