Clayton Echard may have been a football player in a former life, but all those tackles couldn’t have prepared him for the brute force that is Bachelor Nation.

Onlookers get ready for their local dates The BachelorCelebHomes News has exclusive access to a production source who says Clayton is anxious about how the fans will respond to the end of this season. The insider claims that Clayton is struggling to deal with all the criticisms he’s received for his decisions on the show.

Recent weeks have seen the call out of Bachelor for his sending Elizabeth Corrigan Instead of going to work, choose home Shanae AnkneyElizabeth, who was accuse by Shanae that she had lied about her ADHD. And while the star didn’t witness the interactions between Elizabeth and Shanae, he apologized for assuming their feuding was simply “petty drama.”

Additionally, Clayton drew backlash for his confrontation with Sarah Hamrick, leaving the 23-year-old contestant in tears after questioning if she was ready for marriage.

It seems that there will be more drama, according to a source. “He is aware of the fact that things could turn out worse in the weeks ahead as fantasy suites become available.”