For basketball, it’s even bigger. Chris Paul.

After his mom was allegedly attacked by NBA fans, the Phoenix Suns player called out NBA Robin PaulAnd his wife. Jada CrawleyDuring his May 8 playoff match against the Dallas Mavericks. 

“Wanna fine people for talking to fans, but they can get their hands on our family,” he said. tweetedImmediately after the game ends, say “f–k this!”

Based on ESPN reporter Dave McMenaminChris and his family sat in the same seats as the Suns bench while watching the game. His mother allegedly “had hands put on her” and his wife was allegedly “pushed” by Dallas fans. The incident took place in front of the NBA star’s children—Christopher12, Camryn, 9—and left them feeling “very unsafe.”

ESPN reports Jada being “followed up to the aisle” when she got out of her chair.

In the following: videoChris, who was also heard on social media telling security that “He put his hand on my mother” numerous times.