We need your mercy, Chlöe is about to bring the house down at the 2021 American Music Awards.

The singer (full name Chloe Bailey) will make her AMAs debut performance with “Have Mercy” at the Xfinity Stage on Sunday, Nov. 21. She dropped the debut solo single in September, along with a video to show off all of her incredible dance moves. 

Chlöe, 23, made a name for herself in the duo Chloe and Halle and has earned five Grammy nominations. Beyonce is her mentor and Beyonce gave her wisdom. She revealed in January that she learned the “no scroll rule” from Beyonce. Do not read comments. Do not read any comments about yourself.

Chlöe seems to have taken that to heart, becoming an advocate for self-love as she shows fans the “real me” outside of the sisterly duo. She recently gave a show at the MTV VMAs, after which she wrote that “my dreams came true on that stage… still coming down off the high.”