CherTwitter has been a constant source of information for her, and fans weren’t surprised when she disappeared from Twitter. 
On Friday, March 11, the “Believe” singer explained why she’s been away from the social media platform, writing“Sorry, I’ve been MIA.” Been dealing with personal issues.
When a fan asked the Oscar winner, 75, if she was okay, Cher replied: “WE ALL [cry emoji]However, sometimes WE are the only one. [cry emoji]TEARS THAT HURT. TEARS THAT HURT. WE BECOME OVERWHELMED. REACH A LIMIT..THEN, ARE FORCED TO 2 PUSH THIS LIMIT. 
Cher seemingly referenced Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which she has spoken out against on social media since it began last month, adding that “THESE YRS ARE THE WORST IVE EVER SEEN.”
Over the past few days, the “I Found Someone” singer has been tweeting about helping Ukraine, as over two million of its people have fled. Cher slammed Russian President Vladimir Putin for the attack, calling him a “small man.”