Neben der Staring in Life & BethAmy wrote, directed, and produced the show. As a result, a lot of the show—about “50 percent,” according to Amy—is based on her own life. She hopes that people will still find something to relate to, and “hopefully, a bit more than they relate” to. Euphoria.”

Her ability to convey a humane side of sex was a key aspect. Amy stated, “The sex you have in a relationship that has been going on for a while.” “Because the way they represent sex in movies, it’s like slamming against the wall, and that just rarely happens. You might have done it once or twice. Particularly if you have been married for a while.

That, once you have children, she added. Her husband was a funny example of this. Chris Fischer, Amy said, “One time I asked Chris and he kinda made a face like he was picturing it, and I was like, ‘What is that face?!’ If you’re married, the best day to have sex—the best weekday—is always tomorrow.”