Do you know the saying that friendship is what makes friendship work? For example, Chelsea HandlerIt isn’t false.

As the comedian noted in CelebHomes’s cover story, she was perfectly fine as “an emblem of a single woman with no children, to show other women that they don’t have to have children or a husband to have it all,” before unexpectedly falling in love with one of her closest friends, Jo Koy.

CelebHomes News exclusively reported that she thought “Oh, no, I don’t get it,” in a CelebHomes News cover published on April 28. “‘That’s okay. My family is there, my friends are here, and I’m good to go. It’s not my concern to find love.

But then, mid-pandemic, Chelsea realized that she began to miss Jo—who she bickered with during his time as a panelist on her show Chelsea Lately—more than she thought she would.

He left and I thought, “That was a bummer,” she said. He was gone for days and I never heard from him again. I usually have him up my arse. He’s always up my ass. “