What do you think of when you hear the name “Chase Utley?” Setting aside the obvious answer (for MLB fans), intimidation would be an acceptable answer. There’s just something about his name that strikes fear. One thing’s certain about Utley; he’s dangerous behind the plate. Utley’s also one to watch out for on the field in any Philadelphia Phillies game. But enough talk about Chase Utley and his awesomeness. Lets talk about how awesome his 4 bed and 5 bath triplex home is. It sits atop the Ayer building, which was built in 1929. You can imagine the wondrous views of Washington Square that this 4,588 sq ft floor plan has to offer.

The place actually has large windows that you can stand infront of and peer through to grasp what surrounds the Ayer. You may also choose to sit outside on the large patio and take it all in better. Floor plan boasts elegance and versatility. One of the rooms can serve as a library room. For $4.3 million, you’ll get a 24-hour doorman service, private elevator to the main floor of the building, two storage rooms, fitness room, wet bar, security system, and all appliances. The asking price is nothing but reasonable for those who can afford it and prefer to live like a bachelor and within city limits. Was it mentioned that it’s a triplex and offers wondrous views of Washington Square? Let alone views of distant parts of Philly.

Address: 210 W Washington Sq, Philadelphia PA 19106