It’s a bit intimidating to be the People’s Champion, it seems! 

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” Johnson met two of his humble fans while onstage at the 2021 People’s Choice Awards on Tuesday, Dec. 7. What are those fans? Outer Banks stars Chase Stokes Jonathan Davis.

The pair were seen chatting at the buzzy event with Dwayne, who took home awards for the People’s Champion and Male Movie Star of 2021 for Jungle Cruise.

According to Chase, he was petrified to meet an idol. He posted the joke on Instagram: “I peed in my pants.” 

JD then shared one memento from that special meeting: a selfie taken with the mythical man who is the legend. 

JD captioned the group photo with “POV”: You can smell @therock’s cooking. He joked that he couldn’t make the eyebrows, mocking himself for trying to mimic The Rock’s iconic facial expression. 

In the pic, Dwayne laughed off the impression, while Chase looked calm, cool and collected.