Charlie SheenHe has some comments on the profile of his daughter at OnlyFans.

After Sami SheenCharlie shared his disgust at the decision of the 18-year old to sign up for OnlyFans on Instagram and promoted her OnlyFans Instagram account.

Charlie stated that she did not condone the behavior. However, CelebHomes News received a statement from Charlie. She said, “But since I can’t prevent it, I urged it to keep it classy and creative and not compromise her integrity.”

The Two and Half MenThe actor claimed Sami’s OnlyFans site was also created during his stay at ex-wife Denise Richards‘ house.

Charlie stated that she is now 18 and lives with her mother. This did not happen under my roof.”

Denise replied that Sami is her choice.

Denise stated that Sami is 18 years old and the decision was not based on where she lives. “All that I can do is to guide her and allow her to make her decisions, but she does it on her own.”