15. To film the scenes between the actors and the CGI-rendered Scooby, production lined up the shots with a giant stuffed animal or use a giant green stuffed bag if it was a scene in which Lillard was holding the dog. 

Gosnell stated, “What you really are watching is Matthew being an extraordinarily aware actor, just always sensing Scooby’s presence.” Matthew made Scooby more real than any other thing we could do. His simplicity made it easy for animators and Scooby to be in the place.

16. While an Australian actor Neil FanningScooby-Doo was initially hired to sing the Scooby Doo vocals in rehearsals. Gosnell said that “he just worked so hard that he ended being the voice of the final movie.” 

17. “One of the more controversial decisions was that we made Scrappy the villain,” Gosnell said of the film’s final twist, explaining that as a fan of the original series, “Scrappy ruined the series. The moment Scrappy came on it seemed that we were done. It was just James and me brainstorming the last twist. The session ended with the words, “F–king Scrappy!” It was like, “Yes!”

18. As for the passionate response from some fans about Scrappy’s evil turn, Gosnell said, “I know people younger than us that really like Scrappy, so I think that was part of the controversy. It was like: “Ugh, why did that to Scrappy?!?” It was just like the character. It was widely debated about the era in which this twist occurred. ScoobyThey watched. We were applauded a lot, even though Scrappy was hated by enough people.