The two have since squashed their beef—confirming so in a now-deleted selfie posted on Wendy Williams Show‘s Instagram in November 2019—but Charlamagne confessed in December 2021 that they had not spoken in years on Andy Cohen‘s Sirius XM Show Radio Andy.

“I just hate the fact that she—I don’t want to say going out this way because we don’t know if it’s the end,” Charlamagne told Daily Pop. “But, I hope that this does not end in my favor. It would be great if she got well, and could bounce back.

Wendy might not be returning to the small screen anytime soon, but fans can catch Charlamagne on the new season of his Comedy Central late-night talk show The Hell of a Week. Formally named The Honest Truth of Tha GodThe 44-year old explained why the name was changed for season 2.

“Because Viacom’s white executive said it,” The Hell of a WeekHe said it was more attractive.” They cut the checks, and they did this. They conduct the research and do the focus blogs. You know what? I want to win so it’s not going to be a fight.