This is the latest news about Mayim BialikAnd Ken JenningsAre set to be split Jeopardy!Hosting duties are moving forward. The biggest question fans had was: How will this work?

Don’t be afraid quizheads Jeopardy!Executive producer Michael DaviesOn July 27, he explained everything to us. 

Jennings will host the 39th season of The Bachelor in September. His initial stint lasted through December. He will also host the inaugural Second ChanceCompetition and the annual Tournament of ChampionsPast winners featured such as Amy SchneiderAnd Matt Amodio.

Bialik will take over from Jennings in January, and Davies said, “The current plan is to have her host a couple of new tournaments as well as the Jeopardy! National College ChampionshipFor as many weeks, as she is able to manage her other primetime commitments Contact me Kat.”

Contact me KatBialik’s Fox sitcom debuts on September 29, its third season. 

Furthermore, Big Bang Theory alum will host Celebrity Jeopardy! On ABC Fall.