Alexa! Play “Pony”. Ginuwine.

Because Channing TatumIt is actively working to reach other audiences. Magic Mike installment—Magic Mike 3: Magic Mike’s Last Dance—even if it means his body has to suffer for a bit. 

CelebHomes News’ 41-year old actor confessed that he was “very sore” Daily PopFebruary 16, “There is a lot lifting going on, that’s what I can tell you.”

More specifically, there’s “a lot ofPeopleTatum stated, “lifting,” and went on to describe the rehearsal process. I’ve become friends with our choreographer. Alison FaulkIt has been around 15 years. Making these dances up, like trying to figure them out with a best friend, you’re just like, ‘No, no, you’ve got to just put your leg here…’ It’s just hilarious.”

Tatum is used to working in professional capacities with friends. Tatum was joined by Magic MikeAuthor Reid CarolinOn Daily PopThe pair shared their latest collaboration during a chat in which they titled it “The Teaser”. DogComedy about two Army Rangers who go on wild adventures.