Angus Cloud wants the world to know that he doesn’t have a Twitter account…or does he? 

In an interview with ComplexThe following Tuesday, February 15, 2015 Euphoria star, 23, denied having a Twitter account…even though fans have seen his verified account live-tweet reactions to the latest episode of the popular HBO show every Sunday.   

“Yes, that’s what I meant. “I don’t use Twitter,” the coyly-speaking man told the outlet. He said, “It’s most likely a fanpage or something.”  

When the reporter told him that the account was verified and appeared to be used by him, the 23-year-old star continued to act aloof. He explained, “I don’t have any ideas.” “I don’t know how to use Tweeter [sic].”

While the Oakland, Calif., native said he doesn’t use Twitter, his account is very much still active on the social media platform. The actor’s account recently shared a video clip of himself eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos next to Megan Thee StallionNew York Fashion Week also posted snapshots from his latest Thom Browne campaign.