Approximately 98% of all homeowners think their interior design projects did not achieve their desired vision, according to a recent survey by Houzz. Many interior design experts speculate that the reason for this is the lack of direction in design choices. People see unique features from several styles and want to merge them into their own designs. 
That is why celebrity homes are a great place to take inspiration for our custom home designs. Accompanied by an army of interior designers and privy to the best choices on the market, it is no wonder why these celebrity designs are some of the best money can buy. Check out some of these celebrity home designs that’ll inspire your next home renovation. 
Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s Farmhouse Kitchen 
Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s home kitchen is a brilliant example of a farmhouse kitchen with modern features. It’s got all of the trappings that you’d expect from a kitchen of its design. Oak cabinetry, table, and chairs coupled with textured brick provide the base of the design. Marble countertops and appliances add modernity to the rustic aesthetic. They added red doorknobs and a bold backsplash to spice up the uniformity of the color scheme even more.
The Contrasting Master Baths Of John Legend And Brian Grazer
The reason these are great inspirations is that they serve as perfect examples of two opposite design philosophies. The master bath of John Legend’s Los Angeles home is more filled-in but without the risk of feeling crowded. What these two master bathrooms have in common are their large-format floor tiles. This tile configuration gives them a spacious feel despite being relatively modest in size. This is particularly noticeable in John Legend’s home, where there’s one narrow section in front of the sink. 
What’s astonishing about these designs is how they manage to deal with the disadvantages of their design philosophies. John Legend’s bath looks pristine despite most fixtures being in close proximity to one another. It achieves this with intelligent placement and an understanding of how shapes influence the flow of a room. Meanwhile, Brian Grazer’s bathroom still leaves you with a lasting impression despite being unassuming at first glance.  
Kris Jenner’s Marble Kitchen
The kitchen of Kris Jenner’s home in the Hidden Hills is a prime example of modern kitchen design. One of its main features is the white marble countertops and island. She pairs this up with dark cabinets, creating an eye-pleasing polarity to the color scheme. Linen barstools offer comfortable seating while still keeping within the neat contemporary design. Even the metal fixtures such as the chrome faucets and copper vent hood contribute to the kitchen’s smooth color palette. Completing the look are large glass sliding doors, further adding to the openness of the design. 
One thing you might notice is that these celebrity homes are not quite avant-garde. Instead, they are all unique in their own way.