Many celebrities dabble in other fields other than acting, including participating in social sports such as ping pong. While some celebrities are more competitive ping pong players than others, their love for the game is evident. From those that opt to establish ping pong club to others that host ping pong charity tournaments, here is a list of celebrities who have a ping pong table in their homes:

Lady Antebellum

Country music trio formerly known as Lady Antebellum, are no strangers to the ping pong table. Charles Kelley, Dave Haywood, and Hillary Scott, the three members of the country-pop music ensemble have even held ping pong tournaments in the name of charity. The two guys, Haywood and Kelley, love ping pong so much that they play a game or two backstage while enjoying whiskey at all their shows.

Daniel Radcliff

In addition to being one of the most popular film stars, Broadway regular, Daniel Radcliff can play ping pong almost as well as he can act. Radcliff and his castmates on Harry Potter, including fellow ping pong lover Rupert Grint, would often compete with one another on set and were evenly matched by the conclusion of the film series.

Radcliff takes his ping pong very seriously and he’s even admitted to being a little more obsessed compared to his peers. Radcliff has been seen playing ping pong on several occasions at popular magazine interviews, as well as when attending events and parties.

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon probably stands out easily as the most well-known celebrity ping pong player of all time. You can see the actresses’ love for the game on full and technicolor display in her movie ‘Ping Pong Summer. The film follows a 13-year-old boy as he uncovers his love for the game.

Susan Sarandon loves ping pong so much that she formed opened a series of ping pong clubs known as SPiN back in 2009. Her decision to establish these clubs was inspired by the concept of ping pong parties. In her clubs, everyone is welcome- men can compete against women, novice players against experienced ones, and children against adults.

Today, SPiN has locations in LA, Toronto, as well as Dubai. Sarandon also publicly and frequently advocates for the game of ping pong, so much so that she and her club even donated $100,000 worth of Ping-Pong equipment to various schools in New York.

Kylie Jenner

Not only does Kylie Jenner have an enviable bar in the basement of her Holmby Hills mega-mansion that could easily be confused for a nightclub, but she also has a branded ping pong table that serves as the centerpiece of the entire room.

Justin Bieber

He may be every teen girl’s screaming fixation, but he is also a fairly good pin pong player. He has been known to book a private room at Susan Sarandon’s SPiN for him and his crew. He is such a devoted fun that it is reported that his contract requires that a ping pong table should be present at every event. He has also been known to carry a ping pong table with him during his tours which he uses incessantly.

Should you get a ping pong table for yourself?

Ping pong has always been fun, that’s why so many people love it- celebs included. However, now that we find ourselves trapped inside as we wait for the pandemic to pass, ping pong is the perfect way to escape the madness.

Everyone is playing ping pong these days. Not only because they are desperate for ways to entertain themselves, but also because ping pong is also the perfect way to exercise. It’s fun; plain and simple. So if you want to follow the trend like your favorite celebrities and invest in a ping pong table for your family, here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

Budget is best for beginners

If you are looking for a ping pong table and are a complete beginner, go for something lightweight that’s been created specifically for recreational purposes or for children. These varieties are affordable but still reliable even though they are not as sturdy or as long-lasting as other more expensive varieties. Low budget tables are an excellent option if you are interested in getting something to occupy your weekends.

Mid-range tables are ideal for experienced recreational players

If you play often, you should look for a thicker, professional quality ping pong table, preferably one that meets ITTF’s standards. You want a thicker table because it will reduce the amount of vibration produced and that’s exactly what you want if you are trying to elevate your skills or get a more consistent bounce.

Keep in mind that a ping pong ball weighs only 2 ounces and you don’t want any vibration from the table being transferred to the ball. Look for a table that can fold down smoothly, as well as one that can be put in storage easily.

Go all in if you are professional

If you play ping pong competitively, you should go for a super sturdy table. The table should also be thick (30 millimeters is a nice thickness) and able to withstand players running or bumping into it, which happens when you are playing doubles.

Such tables are ideal for anyone intent on organizing a ping pong club or playing seriously. Although these tables are usually costlier than others, the good news is that you can get at least 20 years out of it, particularly if you do a good job taking care of it.

Final Thoughts

What’s so great about ping pong is that it cuts across all ages, professions, and genders. Even high ranking politicians such as Dave Camron and Barck Obama have been known to play a set here and there. If you too would like to join the league of celebrity ping pong players, then buying your own ping pong table is as easy as 123. Just remember to look carefully for a table that’s well suited to your needs.