One of the biggest celebrity trends of 2019 in home decor is the statement ceiling; a ceiling that does more than just top off a room and keep the rain out. Statement ceilings are original artistic renderings that invite admiration and comment. They make a statement, which is what celebrities want to do — sometimes just for publicity, and sometimes to bring into focus their social concerns.

Ellen Pompeo’s living room ceiling is a striking white blend of eclectic gypsum (often called Plaster of Paris for its use as a molding for statues in the French capital) and hardwood crossbeams harvested and recycled from demolished buildings. She’s created a pure white space above with a green recycling motif.

Kourtney Kardashian’s living room ceiling is deeply recessed and tinted an earth tone of brown hues. It is meant to mirror her floor space, which is filled with houseplants that thrive from large amounts of sunlight and an automatic humidifying system that keeps them moist and healthy. Kardashian’s ceiling emphasizes the soil that all living things originally sprouted from; her way of showing a Buddhist regard for the cycle of life.

And if you want your own celebrity on your bedroom ceiling, for instance, to give you sweet dreams at night, there are a variety of celebrity portrait ceiling papers you can apply yourself for a very reasonable cost.