The greatest role for Hollywood’s most famous stars is dad.   

These men love Father’s Day weekends. Nick Jonas are celebrating the holiday for the first time as a parent. For others, however Tom Brady, Nick Lachey, Kevin Hart and Sean Lowe, this special time is another opportunity to be fully present with their kids who matter most. 

“My dad always showed up,” The Bachelor star exclusively recalled to CelebHomes News. “He didn’t necessarily verbalize this, but he lived it out during my entire childhood. Whether it was a spelling bee, football game, awards ceremony or a call for help, my dad always showed up. Being present supportive will make a much bigger impact on your child than material possessions ever could.”

While parents can be overwhelmed by work, financial pressure, and other circumstances, fathers love being a dad. Luke Bryan are quick to remind you that you don’t need to be perfect to make a positive difference.

CelebHomes News was told by the country star, “Cut yourself some slack because you are not always going to knock the ball out of the park,” she said. The important thing in fatherhood is to learn and be open about your mistakes.