Two months following the death Alicia Witt‘s parents, new details have emerged about their untimely passing.

Recent reports confirm that Robert Witt Diane WittTheir Massachusetts home was the cause of their death from the effects of the cold. According to death certificates that were obtained by, Robert, aged 87 and Diane, age 75, died due to “probable cardio dysrhythmia” which was caused by cold exposure. The Telegram & Gazette. Robert had also a history of hypertension, coronary artery disease and multiple myeloma.

Multiple reports state that Alicia’s parents, who lived in Worcester on Dec. 20, were discovered dead at their home. CelebHomes News received Alicia’s statement at that time. She said, “I reached out and checked on my parents with a cousin.” The outcome was tragic. At this moment, I request privacy in order to mourn and process the surreal events and loss.
After the terrible discovery, a neighbor reported it to authorities. The Telegram & Gazette that the couple rarely stepped out of their home, adding that other neighbors had offered to help the pair as their home fell into disrepair. The neighbor said that they declined to help them.