Peter’s aunt and other relatives try to keep the news from Catherine. They know that it could cause much heartbreak and even lead to Catherine’s execution. They briefly do succeed in forming a bond between Peter and Catherine over their mutual dislike for their parents as well as Paul’s birth.

The truth has to be revealed and season 2 ends on a major cliffhanger leaving us all wondering: How will Catherine and Paul get over this? Can you overcome a cheating scandal in which your mother falls from a window halfway through a penetration?

Also, Catherine is accused of killing Russia’s biggest enemies. This matter must be addressed with urgency and delicacy.

Paul is a great example of this. The father of a child cannot be taken away from him, even if the father is not the best.

CelebHomes News had previously asked Elle & Nicholas what they thought the outcome would be. Tony McNamaraElle spoke out about Elle’s plans for ”. Elle explained that it might take some time but she’ll still be happy.”