Casey AffleckHe wasn’t there for his brother Ben AffleckWedlock Jennifer LopezGeorgia, this weekend. He did however send an encouraging message to the Georgian people from far. 

Instagram: Aug. 21 Manchester by the SeaThe 47-year old actor shared a throwback shot of him walking alongside the couple in 2002. This was in 2002, when Ben and Jennifer got engaged. They split in 2004.   

Casey stated that good things are well worth the wait. There are many twists and turnings to be had, as well as new beginnings. 

To Jennifer, he said “Welcome, to the family.” Prepare for real dysfunction. Kidding. You are kidding.

Casey stated, with all seriousness, that Jen is a true gem. We love you so much!!!”

Why was Ben not with his younger brother on the wedding day? This video was obtained from Page SixPaparazzi asked Casey the question as he made a Starbucks stop in Los Angeles the morning before the Aug. 20 nuptials. He appeared to respond, “I’ve got other things.”