In 2020, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office of Florida renewed their investigation. Cpl. Moises GarciaTelled The Tampa Bay Times that the Department of Homeland Security recently assisted the Sheriff’s Office through its Panama office by “running down leads in Costa Rica.”

Garcia, who was citing open investigations, declined to comment about the document that was shown. However, Joseph C. Dominick, a former sheriff’s investigator who assisted Garcia on the case, told the newspaper that  anything on the series suggesting Lewis was alive in Costa Rica is “all noise.”

Garcia described Baskin as a “highly-profile person or interest” in this case. When asked if she is a suspect, Garcia said the only person not a suspect is himself, adding, “Everybody else is a possibility.”

Baskin claimed in a Thursday statement that she had received from Baskin via her website. Tiger King 2 “continues to do everything they can to falsely convince the viewer that Carole was involved in Don Lewis’ disappearance…And for everyone who still wants to believe that Carole killed Don, then please explain to us why you think armchair detectives, or you are better informed than the Special Agent in Charge at the FBI in this Homeland Security Document which says ‘Don Lewis is currently alive and well in Costa Rica.'”

Lewis’ family has offered a reward of $100,000 for any tips leading to his arrest. They have advertised it on billboards and even in an ad that aired in fall 2020 during Dancing With the StarsThe show was broadcast in the year Baskin participated.

Baskin has a theory that Lewis crashed a small plane or ultralight into the Gulf of Mexico, which she detailed in a recent Reddit Q&A. You can read more Tiger King 2Lewis’ Costa Rican partner, Rey Rodriguez, said that the man “talked about moving to Costa Rica to start over fresh” and told him “he was there to get away from Carole.” Rodriguez claimed that Lewis was a Cessna pilot who flew back and forth from there. Then he would bring in boxes full of $100,000 to $200,000. He then put them in “different companies” and hide the money.

One of Lewis’s daughters. Donna PettisOn the episode, he said, “That sound like Dad.” This sounds like he might have tried to flee the States with his money so that Carole would get less.