Jessica Biel has traded in red carpet gowns and her perfect long locks for a curly short bob and oversized glasses.

As the accused axe killer, she is virtually unrecognizable Candy MontgomeryHulu’s series on true crime Candy. It’s not surprising that the Internet is so popular. abuzzLearn more about her transformation. One fan wrote on Twitter, “I don’t know who needs to hear this but Jessica Biel is Candy.”

It’s not always a flattering transformation (another user). commentedI know that they could have chosen a better Jessica Biel wig. However, Biel is not alone. Pablo SchreiberAnd Timothy SimonsIt is possible to argue that the sentence is reflective of the actual murder victim at the center of the case.

Schreiber told CelebHomes News that “I thought she was fantastic.” We are very proud to have seen Candy Montgomery in photos, and also seeing her exit the trailer for the first time. Katie BallardOur hair stylist, to nail this wig, and all the other wigs. She did an amazing job creating looks that felt authentic and deserving the show’s time.