Find out more Camila Cabello, making new music is therapeutic.

Camila was on display May 26th. Kelly Clarkson Show She spoke out about her “crippling anxieties” in this interview. She discussed how creating her third album “Familia”—which was released on April 8—helped her be more vulnerable when it came to her mental health.  

Camila stated that she was experiencing mental problems at the start of her album. “It was very difficult for me. It was crippling anxiety. Because I was there, it felt like I had a lot of isolation.

She said that “Don’t Go Yet” was her way of expressing the need to heal or be in a better spot before she could be open to being with people and just be herself.  

While working on the album—which is dedicated to her family—Camila was able to be extremely vulnerable and built the same familial relationship with her musical collaborators. It’s all about me and my family roots. But also, it is about the friends and family that I created while working on this album,” she said.