Everybody has at least dreamt of getting a grand home one time or another. But given the cost of living in California, it can be pretty difficult to find one with an affordable price.

However, this is not an impossible feat as there are still ways you can gain a grand home. Home-buying companies such as John Medina Buys Houses – California Homebuyer typically negotiate with different sellers all around, which gives them an insight into the different ways you can acquire a great home without breaking the bank. With a wide variety of property quality, locations, and other factors, here are some tips to help you find a grand home in California:

  • Assess Your Needs And That Of Your Family’s

Before looking for various luxury home dealers, make sure to first determine and finalize what amenities and features you’d like to have in your home. Take into account your needs and lifestyle, as well as that of your family’s. You shouldn’t simply tell home dealers that you need a home with three-stories and a spacious backyard. You’ll have to be a bit more specific.

Thus, you can ask yourself some of these questions, and consider your family or partner’s opinions, too:

  • What is my ideal location? Do you want it to be in a highly-urbanized city, with views of the hills and coast, at the waterfront, a gated community, a suburban location, or with a view of the mountains? California is rich in these natural and manmade forms. 
  • What style of home do I want? Would you want a contemporary, Victorian, bungalow, Mediterranian, or another style?
  • What construction materials do I prefer? The strongest ones are steel, iron, concrete, stone, brick, and wood. It can also be recycled materials that are good for eco-friendly home building.
  • How about the exterior? Do you need a space for a patio, fire pit, swimming pool, court, lawn, garden for landscaping, or a sprinkler system? 
  • How about the interior? How many bedrooms, baths, and stories do you want? Will you need a garage?

Luxury homes vary in elements and features, but all of them tend to have exceptional security systems. Thus, prioritize your safety and make sure that you’ll only consider luxury homes with certified security systems. Also, check out its history report if someone has broken into the property. Despite how expensive these luxury properties are, you should make sure that it’s worthwhile if it wouldn’t compromise your safety.

  • Set A Realistic Budget

If you want to find an affordable yet luxurious property, you should then set a realistic budget for your purchase. While this may seem somewhat contrary to the idea of purchasing a luxury home, knowing your price range can also help determine which facilities and amenities you can afford. 

It’s important to note that while searching, you might find a certain property that has a good price but has a few flaws. Thus, it’s important to always have a budget for repairs and maintenance. At a more affordable price, you can avail the luxury home you want while hiring a fixer-upper that will do renovations suited to your personal style and preferences.

  • Hire A Real Estate Agent To Grab Estate Sales

Most luxury homes are part of an estate, so when they’re up for sale, they’re off-market or not publicly listed. Thus, it’s a rarity to find luxury homes in multiple listing services (MLS). Instead, you can hire a real estate agent to do the legwork for you, since they have plenty of access in these pocket listings. Though you’re more likely to spend more by hiring a professional, these agents know how to take advantage of these properties and unlock the possibility to get the property at a lesser listing price. 

Moreover, it’s better to hire a real estate agent who specializes in luxury homes. Sometimes, there are special restrictions involved in dealing with these properties, and an agent who has never had any experience about these can be inconvenient. So, before hiring one, make sure that they’re an expert in this field, or else you’ll be wasting your money.

  • Inspect The Property Thoroughly

Since you’re buying a grand house after all, why not spend for a high-quality house inspection? By yourself, you can’t completely identify which features of your potential home are good and which are faulty. However, a professional home inspector can do that. This way, you can save money by avoiding a bad purchase.

Additionally, don’t trust photos of the luxury property without personally visiting the location. Most homeowners stage their homes to sell their properties faster. Get a first-hand experience of the luxury and elegance by going there yourself.


California has been a home to many Hollywood celebrities because of its wonderful natural landscapes and high quality of living regardless of the expense. These grandiose homes may seem to have the perfect features and amenities, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have structural faults. Before spending your money for a new property, always make sure to assess your needs, set your budget, and hire a professional specializing in luxury properties. Lastly, a professional house inspection can be worth the extra expense if it means avoiding a bad purchase.