Despite the clear value of Learning and Development programs, as well as the increased implementation of these programs in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many companies are not calculating the return of investment of their learning and development programs. As few as 8% of companies calculate this value, meaning that companies are missing out on the chance to greatly improve their learning and development practices. Arist is a new company that provides learning and development support, including return of investment analysis, to companies of varying sizes.

Arist is a microlearning platform backed in science that has been shown to be hugely effective in the workplace. Arist is used by 15% of Fortune 500 companies– compared to the 8% of companies that calculate the return of investment of learning and development at all, this is a huge number. It has been shown to increase learning speed by 95%, increase the adoption of learning by 90%, and make employees 30% more confident in their work after the course. 

Arist also saves learning and development teams up to 82% on course creation and delivery. It can be hugely helpful for learning and development practices.

Measuring the ROI of corporate learning
Source: Arist