Working from anywhere must include community and connection—in person and online.  On average, 9 apps are used per day by remote workers to accomplish their jobs.  These fractures were evident in the digital workplace over the past two years due to the rise of remote work environments.  The 40% productivity loss due to frequent task switching is a common practice among remote workers. 

One of the main causes for wasted work time is the remote meeting.  Nearly half of remote workers feel that meetings are a waste of time. 56% would prefer to be less involved in video chats, while 31 hours a month is spent on unproductive meetings.  Virtually 77% use video conferencing software.  More than half of remote workers hold more meetings online than in person.  Nearly three quarters of all workers are wasting time each week because they have to cancel or skip meetings. 
Increased dissatisfaction within the workplace is caused by remote work fatigue.  Location-based meetings for digital workRemote workers often face many difficulties.  RedRex is a company that has built multiple digital buildings for hosting online events.  Each digital building is assigned a street address in the form an NFT. Every floor can be customized and has user permissions.  Every room can be used for voice, text, or video chats. Shared media is also available, providing a sense of community and trust online.

The Future of Work & Online Events