For many people building a house is seen as the ultimate dream. However, there are pros and cons to building a house, just as there are advantages and disadvantages in buying a pre-built home.

It can be hard to decide which is the right option for you, the following should help you choose.


In general, it is faster to purchase a pre-built home as you simply need to view it, make the offer, and then follow due process. You can be moved in within a few months.

In contrast, choosing to build a home means it can take that long just to find a suitable plot and put in a planning application. If this is rejected it can take months to agree on what can be built.

Then, you’ll need to establish utility supplies and physically build the property. You may not need to do much if you have professionals handling the build, but it will still take considerably longer than buying a pre-built home.

You need to think about your patience and when you want your new home.


Choose custom built homes and you’ll be able to design every detail of your house before it is built. Graphics programs and virtual reality will allow you to see the house and ensure it flows properly before a brick is laid. That ensures you have the perfect house for your needs.

In contrast, buying a pre-built house means you are stuck with the current layout, even if it doesn’t exactly match your needs. You’ll simply have to make the most of it.

Ready To Live In

When you custom build a house you get the keys to a finished property that you can simply unwind in. There is nothing that needs to be done. In contrast, purchasing a pre-built usually means redecorating. That can be messy, time-consuming, and costly.

In short, building a house is less stressful after moving in!


Building a home is likely to take longer but be more satisfying. Adding to that is the fact that most builds are cheaper than purchasing a pre-built, especially if you do some of the work yourself.

Of course, maintaining the price means sticking to a budget and definitely not making changes partway through the build. These are guaranteed to increase the overall price.

It is worth noting that financing is available to build your own home. Payments are usually released in stages and can often make the build process more attractive and more affordable.

However, you will need to switch to a standard mortgage after the build is complete.

Final Thoughts

It takes more commitment to build a property than it does to purchase one that has already been built. However, the rewards are also significantly greater, making it a viable option for many people.

There is no better way to ensure you get the house of your dreams, but t’s not for everyone. Make sure you are happy with your chosen path before you commit, then you’ll know you will be happy with the results.