Harry Potter and The Cursed Childstar James SnyderThe Broadway show has been cancelled.

In a statement to CelebHomes News on Jan. 23, producers for the show confirmed the decision to fire the actor, explaining that on Nov. 19, they “for the first time received a complaint from [co-star] Diane DavisConcerning James Snyder’s conduct. The producers immediately received the complaint and commissioned an independent investigation from a third party. Mr. Snyder was then suspended until the end of the investigation.

The statement said that “at the conclusion of an investigation, Mr. Snyder was not allowed to return to the production” and that he had been terminated from his contract. “Ms. Davis took the individual decision to go on a leave. Out of respect for her privacy—and to maintain the integrity of the investigation—we will make no further comment regarding the matter.”

CelebHomes News reached out to Snyder’s representatives for comments but has yet to hear back. We are not able to determine the nature of this conduct.