Broadway has been changed for good.

Because on Feb. 14, one-time understudy Brittney Johnson gave her first performance in her new role as WickedGlinda was the first Black woman to be cast in the Broadway musical lead role. 

CNN reports that Johnson was greeted with a standing ovation upon her entry to the stage, and once again at the end of the performance. The cheers came from far beyond the Gershwin Theatre. 

“Thank You All So Much!” Johnson tweetedFebruary 15, 2015. It will take me some time reading through your lovely messages and tweets but I am so thankful for all of your support. We’ll see you in Oz!

Johnson portrays Glinda for the first time, an original character inspired in part by Glinda the Bubble-traveling Good Witch. The Wonderful Wizard of OzAs an understudy for 2019. However, her connection to the character goes way back—the Broadway star attending a production of the long-running show when she was a teen.