8. At 17 he was a high school dropout and can still recall when his best friend and he left for college. La Mar TaylorPulling up, his mother grabbed him and he threw it in a van. According to his memories, his mother had given him “the most horrible look.” The New York Times in a 2015 interview. She looked at me as if she’d failed.

9. Their new 1-bedroom apartment is able to support them and their third friend. Hyghly AlleyneThey would then shoplift from nearby grocery stores and use welfare checks to pay $850 a month rent. He also made money selling pot. They would then indulge in MDMA and Xanax as well as cocaine, mushrooms, and ketamine at night. The film was a good example of this. For KidsHe said, “Without the AIDs” and he gave it to the Times, “No rules.”