Britney SpearsShe continues to feel lucky while planning for her nuptials.

Pop star at 39, Announced her Engagement to Longtime Boyfriend Sam AsghariIn September, she proved that she was thinking about the wedding when she posted a series of images and video of her to Instagram. Tuesday, November 9:

The caption clarified that her pink princess-style, pink gown was not her wedding gown. Britney continues her battle with conservatorship and has added fashion icon Donatella VersaceI was creating that all-important dress for the magical occasion.

“No … this is not my wedding dress,” Britney wrote. “bahahah !!!! Donatella Versace is making my dress as we speak …. Good night !!!!”

Rapper was one of those who expressed support via the comments section. Iggy AzaleaThe user posted “Icon behavior!” Another praise-hands emoji was added by “Fancy”, the vocalist.