Boy meets the news of a crush—many, many years later.

Danielle Fishel She shared an intimate secret that she has held onto since the days of Topanga Lawrence. Boy Meets World. The reveal was made during the episode of August 24, which aired on the NBC. World Meets Pod podcast, “I had a crush on Rider [Strong].”

Rider discovered this crush not only because it is new to them, but also for his own personal reasons. He replied, “That’s false.” He replied, “You have never said that to me.”

Danielle confirmed the statement. He was assured that it is true. She said, “I used to have a crush on your.”

How did she take a liking to her costar in season one? It started in season one, and it continued through season two,” she said.

Looking back on her childhood love interest, Danielle—who is now married to Jensen Karp—shared what about Rider peaked her interest.

She said, “You know what one of my favourite things about Rider? It still holds true to this day. Rider is extremely effusive.” He will always tell you what he thinks and will give compliments freely, but not just any old compliments.