It was before the internet. Megan FoxAnd Kelly Machine GunIt was Angelina JolieAnd Billy Bob Thornton.

The O.G. blood-pendant-wearing couple was married from 2000 to 2003, and while the relationship was short-lived, it naturally had a big impact on Billy’s young son, Harry James Thornton.

Now, she is 27 years old Ranch Rules are Relatively PopularCelebHomes News star stars reflections on their experience Daily PopOn Wednesday, January 19, tell host Justin Sylvester that having Angelina as a stepmom “was awesome.” 

Harry shared his opinion during the intimate chat that she was “so cool”. “She was so funny and yeah, she’s one of the greatest stepmoms that I have ever had.”

Harry shared that Harry quickly adjusted to being asked questions by people, both because of the attention surrounding them and the fact that his dad won Academy Awards for acting.

He said, “If anybody found out that it was true, they would say it first.” It became annoying that everyone repeats the same lines over and over again.