It seems like the party is over just when you think it’s over. Billie Eilish surprises again.

When she asked her fans to pick a date, the nominee for 2022 Grammy found herself looking back at 2021. She would then share photos or videos taken within the next 24 hours of that date once she had been given it.

Some people stuck with major holidays such as Halloween. But one person chose to celebrate Nov. 22. As it turns out, Billie was undergoing a hair transformation fans didn’t know about—until now.

She wrote, “Took out the blonde and went red for seven days hehe,” while showing off her salon style. Although Billie eventually decided on brunette locks, fans were shook by the chic style that was almost kept a secret.

While followers are loving her darker hair, many can’t forget Billie’s blond phase. An interview with Vanity Fair back in December, the artist said the hair color helped make her feel more like herself in public.