These are the best Big BrotherA new house guest is being added to the family. 

Reality stars Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson announced on Instagram on Monday, Feb. 28, that they’ll be expecting a “Nickson addition” in August 2022. 

“A lot of you have already guessed it it’s nice to not have to hide it anymore,” Jessica wrote in the post. “We prayed for you & now we can’t wait to meet you.” 

Jessica and Cody weren’t immediately convinced by the news. He posted a video to Cody’s Instagram that shows the time after the pregnancy test, when they debated whether or not it was true. 

“So are you sure that it is true?” Cody asked in the video. 

I don’t know what to do. Jessica replied, “I don’t know what to do.” Jessica replied. 

To celebrate, he followed the chaos with a bouquet full of roses. 

He wrote that they were skeptical as we thought we were expecting, but then discovered we weren’t.” The couple found out they were pregnant in no time.