Find out more Bayleigh Dayton Swaggy CYou are about to receive a joyous bundle.

They shared an Instagram photo on May 25 that announced their pregnancy. It was nearly four years ago since Bayleigh miscarried while in the jury house during season 20. Big Brother.

Swaggy C posted a post that was shared on both their Instagram pages. It spoke of the joy and excitement of having a child together.

“To have a baby coming in GENERAL… is a blessing,” he wrote. But to have a child with my favourite person in the universe?” That makes it all the more wonderful.

In a heartfelt message later, he revealed that the couple had planned to keep their news about their pregnancy secret to preserve their “peace”.

He shared, “Initially Bayleigh and me were going to keep quiet until our baby was birth,”. “None of us spoke until the birth. “We just recently decided to announce on her birthday about two weeks ago.”