Betty’s The Proposal co-star Ryan Reynolds is one of the many actors who have spoken out in the wake of her death. In a touching tribute, he wrote: “The world is different now. It was amazing how she defied expectations. She was able to live very long and still look young. Betty, you will be missed. You now know the truth.

Ryan and Betty had a hilarious exchange the day before Betty’s death in Beverly Hills. She spoke with PeopleShe laughed. Ryan can’t seem to get over his affair for me, which is what the DeadpoolStar joked: “I am absolutely sick of the media using past relationships just for clicks.”

Although it’s funny, Betty had a true love in her late husband. Allen LuddenIn 1981, she died of stomach cancer. She was assisted by Kiersten MikelasShared with PeopleBetty had a photo of Allen beside her bed, and she “blows him kisses every morning.”

Mikelas said, “At night, when she opens shutters, she blows him a kiss up in the air.” His thoughts are always on her mind.