Sales of homes are down 26.6%, year on year to May 2020. There’s the hope of a massive economic stimulus that could help but if you’re selling your home at the moment you’re in a competitive market. It’s time to get smart about selling your home. Are you selling your home? Do you want to make your home more appealing on the outside? Read on to learn how to improve curb appeal.

Why Is Improving Curb Appeal Important?

Selling your home is a huge undertaking. It’s the biggest financial transaction most people experience. You have to get it right. The first thing that a prospective buyer sees of your home is the outside. First impressions can be very important. It can be the difference between engaging a potential buyer and them driving by to view another property. Creating curb appeal need not be difficult of expensive. It’s about looking at your home through the buyer’s eyes.

1. Inviting Driveways

It’s not difficult to take care of your driveway. A poorly maintained driveway tells a prospective buyer that there may be other problems ahead. If you can’t keep your driveway in good condition what hope is there that you will have maintained the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system? If you have a gravel driveway, rake it regularly and remove any weeds that grow. If you have concrete pavers in your driveway, powerwash them and fix any cracks or holes as they appear. Keep your driveway clear of refuse and car wrecks.

2. Garage Door Statement

A garage door is a big statement. It’s likely to attract the eye of any passing potential buyer so make sure it gives a good impression. If your garage door is broken, fit custom garage doors, or have it fixed. At least power wash it and paint or stain it for a fresh new look.

3. Green Is Good

If you have a lawn or garden use that to sell your home. Mow lawns and remove weeds. Plant some flowers for instant appeal. Even window boxes or hanging baskets can cheer up a tired external appearance. It’s cheap and easy to do. Draw the eyes of prospective buyers to the attractive features of your home, such as the entrance, with a few planters.

4. Welcoming Front Door

On viewing your home, a buyer will look for the front door. It’s how they expect to enter your house. Make sure your front door makes a positive impact. It must be clean and tidy. Clear away any garbage, leaves, or debris. Don’t have any obstructions around your front door. You could paint the front door with a bold color that complements the color of your home.

5. Lighten Up

If potential buyers are likely to view your home after dark, consider your outside lighting. Keep outside lights clean and free of cobwebs. Make sure lighting is in good working order. A welcoming light in your porch or by your front door focusses attention on the welcoming aspect of your home. Some solar-powered lights guiding visitors to your front door are also a subtle positive touch.

Prepare to Sell

Some simple preparations could make a big difference. Improving curb appeal gets you more viewers. It also sells your home for you. Browse our website for more home tips.