Rain is impossible to prevent Beanie Feldstein‘s parade.

The curtain fell on April 24th, after Broadway’s first night. Funny GirlBeanie was reflected upon her experiences as Fanny Brice, the center of attention.
CelebHomes News spoke exclusively to CelebHomes News at August Wilson Theatre. She said that “this group of people are once in a life time.” It is hard to describe how generous everyone is on and off the stage in this place. Crew, creative team and a room filled with caring, passionate people. It is this that really matters.
The musical-comedy revival tells the story of the indomitable Fanny Brice, a girl from the Lower East Side who dreams of a life on the stage. Everyone tells her she’ll never be a star, but then something funny happens: She becomes one of the most beloved performers in history.
Barbra StreisandFanny, the famous role she played in the original musical of 1960 and the film of the same name won her an Academy Award. Beanie says that it is “heaven” to have the opportunity to tell Fanny’s tale.