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It’s chic to be a ballerina, which is why so many of us were raised admiring their graceful beauty. Whether ballerinas are performing in gorgeous costumes, dancing in-studio, or traveling to and from auditions, their style has always had an influence on fashion trends. Balletcore is back and will continue to be popular. This is the perfect combination of elegant, sophisticated styles and playful details.

Grab your pretty ballet flats with dainty bows, silky wrap skirts, trending bodysuits, and wrap sweaters to look like a chic, beautiful ballerina. You can seamlessly transition from summer to autumn with this trend. If you really want to channel your inner ballerina and lean into the trend, consider trying styles like hair bows, tulle skirts, and leg warmers to stay warm this fall and winter. 

Your inner-child will thank you for wearing these dainty, beautiful ballerina looks. You can scroll below to find the perfect style for this season.