Balenciaga’s latest high-end sneakers appear to have been on the runway many times before. 

The luxury French fashion brand recently unveiled its ad campaign for the limited-edition Paris Sneaker, which is designed to look (fashionably) destroyed with scuffs, tears and markings for $1,850. The $625 option is less damaged and has fewer rips.

The price tags on the, um, lived-in looking shoes prompted backlash on social media, with singer-songwriter Neena Roe calling Balenciaga out for its “poverty-chic” design.  

“They’re selling these sneakers that look like they belonged to someone who could only afford one pair of shoes their entire adulthood for *625 DOLLARS,*” she continued. Unchecked capitalism can be mind-boggling. 

@BALENCIAGA has just released a brand new line of distressed shoes- starting at $1850 another user. They put the shoes up for sale because they want rich people to pretend poverty and play the experience of those who are forced to buy shoes such as these out of necessity.