Bachelor Nation star said that initially he planned on moving to Michelle’s Minnesota state earlier in the year. But that plans changed and that “we decided it was not necessary to rush anything.”

He said that they wanted to get to know one another on a deeper basis before making the decision to live together.  

Nayte denied that the breakup was related to any of their Season 18 friends. 

“Yes. I enjoy hanging out with my boys. She likes hanging out with her girlfriends. There is nothing wrong with this. He shared that he believes this is a great way to stay healthy. We are social people. “Not everyone who goes to bars is a cheater.” 

Babatunde Olufemi Robert Nathaneil Olukoya is my name. I won’t live my life according to what others say. His post was concluded by him. He concluded his post by thanking Michelle for being so kind and sending her kind words. “THANK YOU!” 

Nayte stated in a statement on June 17, that his heart was heavy and emotions were high. He and Michelle have been separated since then.  

He stated, “We fell in love. We became best friends.” Michelle and me will continue to cheer on each other, but we’ll be cheering for one another from afar.